Meet Learoy

Meet Learoy, a speciaL bot with a unique business deveLopMent taLent. Our client Version8 Media needed something special for a new platform they were spearheading. They had a name, we had an idea for an adorable yet super helpful bot.

Learoy is an Artificial Intelligence bot who, with his charming “attire” and friendly disposition, forms part of the LeadDroid platform. The LeadDroid platform is a powerful and innovative platform that revolutionizes the business development and customer relationship management arena. It serves to empower businesses and professionals all whilst giving them an added edge in connecting and forging relationships with potential, existing and past clients (LinkedIn contacts).
Tied in with the LinkedIn platform, LeadDroid combines the power of a tried and tested business focused social network, with targeted and tailor-made innovation for the end user. Learoy is the flag bearer of this platform, his purpose is to engage with the customer and assist them by making their navigation and communication more efficient, relatable and fun. Learoy’s is designed with the purpose of radiating optimism, being unmistakably helpful, ‘emotionally’ understanding, incredibly smart, lightning fast, responsive and a hundred percent relatable. With the help of carefully calculated body dynamics, shapes, sizes and humanistic physical appearances, Learoy becomes more than just a computer bot, he embodies a personality with that consumers can relate with through the physical appearance he has, his emotions as well as the way he moves, talks and carries himself over.
All of these elements initiate consumer engagement and ultimately, if done correctly, leads to consumer loyalty to the Learoy brand.

Client: Version8 Media
Date: April 8, 2019
Services: Illustration, Graphic Design, Creative Conceptualisation

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